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Why Video?


Video is exploding throughout the world becoming the medium of choice for millions because most people prefer to take in information visually. When you use video on your website, you have a powerful tool that turns a static website into a dynamic website that not only attracts visitors but keeps them on your site longer.

Interviewing grateful beneficiary of Housing Resources Group, Seattle

Interviewing grateful beneficiary of Housing Resources  Group, Seattle


YOU can only be in one place at one time making a presentation whereas a well executed video can be making an even more compelling pitch for you (with music, sound effects, graphics, support footage and you) in millions of places with millions of viewers simultaneously.


Marie & Sallie Sargent discuss last minute changes backstage Arizona Best Fest





Search engines love video! With proper video SEO, you can use video to drive more traffic to your website.


H’bird marketing director Jeannine Marx Fruci & Marie Marx Strohm




Use video to give your business a personal face to your corporate website: Use a short video on your home page to welcome visitors to your website; use profile videos that introduce your executives & key employees; use customer testimonials that communicate your companies value.


Many businesses have created a marketing niche for themselves by using video to establish their expertise on a particular subject.

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Taking a break from shooting at Buckingham Palace, London

Videos now play on a plethora of modern devices and in so many places including ipads, ipods, iphones, computers, websites, TV, You Tube, Facebook, etc. potentially increasing your websites scope and reach.


Millions of people in every market group are now familiar and very comfortable with the video medium, uploading their own videos more and more and are therefore more likely to watch your video.


Sound tech Jae McLellan on the job


If you aren’t using video of some kind to promote your company, your nonprofit organization or your products, you are not only missing out on millions of potential customers, your company runs the risk of appearing behind the curve in your industry and who wants that?


Whether producing your own video presentations or hiring a professional video production company, it’s critical to know that whatever you put on your website represents who you are as a company. If your branding touts “cutting edge” anything, your typical savvy video viewer target audience will know instantly if that is or is not the case by the quality of your presentation from frame one.